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Taboo GT - Latest News

January, 2011

All Taboo GT kits and RTF models will now be shipped with a one-piece molded fuselage, with a 2.4G friendly fiberglass nose and high modulus carbon body.
More pictures of the fuselages: pic2, pic3, pic4, pic5, pic6.

October, 2010

We are again offering fully built models (RTF) for sale. See ordering form.

October, 2010

All Taboo GT kits will now be shipped with a very nice curved launch peg. The peg is made of bondable aviation grade nylon, reinforced with carbon fibers. The peg is extremely comfortable and will definitely make you feel your model better during the launch and will allow you to put more energy into the launch. When installing this peg, we recommend that you sand the middle of the peg a little to create some roughness for better bonding.

More pictures: pic2, pic3.

September, 2010

We secured a small amount of 1oz kevlar to use for making tail feathers. All kits will now be shipped with foam and kevlar vacuum bagged tails. Balsa tails will no longer be available.

June, 2010

All Taboo GT kits will now be shipped with vacuum bagged fiberglass and blue foam tail feathers. Using fiberglass skins allowed us to reduce the manufacturing costs to an acceptable level. A nice side effect of this change is a reduction of the tail weight down to approximately 12g for both tail feathers. The new tails are plenty strong due to the carbon spars, but the skin is more fragile and will require a bit more attention to avoid hangar rash and dents. Small dents can be easily steamed out with a hot iron and a wet paper towel. Elevator and rudder hinges are made with clear tape. We recommend you to soak trailing edges and hinge line/edge with foam safe CA for durability.

April, 2010

A new revision has been done to the wing of TabooGT. The airfoils have been upgraded to a new series based on the mix of Zone-52/40/25 and HM-51 airfoils. The new airfoils have been tested in contests in 2010 and wings have been already supplied to several customers. The response has been positive. The model now has a slightly wider speed range. The minimum speed has not changed appreciably, while the performance at higher speed has been markedly improved. The model also launches slightly higher now. In combination with kevlar/foam bagged tails the model performs now nearly as well as many very expensive molded models on the market. The wing planform was not changed, but the aileron chord has been set at the original 30% mark for most of the span except near the tip of the wing where it is slightly under 30% for better flutter resistance. The spar has been moved forward to the point of the maximum thickness, such that the servos now must be installed behind the spar (see the picture showing the new servo location). This servo location reduces the linkage length and improves cointrol system stiffness. Builders who want to experiment with RDS installation can now do it easier since there is plenty of space behind the spar for the servo and RDS installation. Watch this Building Tips page for the upcoming pictures of top servo drive installation.

December, 2009

Vacuum bagged foam tail feahers are available now as an option for the Taboo GT kit. The tails are made of blue foam with 1.0 oz kevlar skins for lightness and durability. Both surfaces have generous area for ultimate control authority and exceptional stability. The vertical tail has a symmetrical planform shape for zero torque transferred to the tailboom during launch. Horizontal tail airfoil is HT-22 from Mark Drela. Vertical tail airfoil is a symmetrical HT-12 from Mark Drela. These tails will give you a small boost in launch performance and will improve stability and controllability over the entire range of speeds.

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