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"Neon" is a typical representative of the one-meter "Mosquito" class of hand launch gliders. The glider is designed for pilots of any level - from beginners to advanced pilots. Gliders of this class proved to be a great F3K model in competitions held in Russia, and they are very popular among local pilots.

Technical data

Wing Area 12.8
Section AG mod

Stabilizer Area 1.3
Section HT08
Elevator deflections +/-25...30 deg

Fin Area 1
Section HT08
Rudder deflections +/-35...45 deg

All up weight 170-190g
Empty weight 120-130g

Recommended CG 75-80mm from root LE


The main design criteria of this model - simplicity of control. The glider has shown to be an excellent model for beginners and even children. Beginners can concentrate on how to properly throw and control model, rather than on how to set up best flight modes. For ease of control, Neon has a pretty large dihedral angle of the wing. This makes the model very responsive and stable in any weather.

Tail surfaces of Neon have a generous area. It makes it possible to smooth out some errors in control. Increased fin area helps to obtain straight launch.

Neon is delivered with two control surfaces: elevator and rudder. This is more than enough for "Mosquito" class glider and does not limit in any way flying possibilities of Neon. The glider responds to the control inputs very well and feels comparable to gliders with ailerons. Neon can be used both for training and competition flights.


The design philosophy can be described by the phrase: "as simple as possible." Neon delivered in ARF condition: one-piece wing is completely ready for installation on the fuselage; pylon for stabilizer preformed with the fuselage; necessary mounting holes are prepared. You have to only install the fin and RC equipment. In addition to the simplicity of assembly Neon has a rigid and sturdy construction.


The wing is a monolithic structure, and has all the necessary reinforcements and the mounting holes. Wing is made of a foam core, covered with two layers of lightweight glass cloth in negative molds with high pressure. This technology provides a lightweight and very strong wings. Two layers of glass cloth priovide excellent protection of the wing from scratches, dents, and damage from grass, bushes during flights or transportation. Wingtips are reinforced around the throwing peg. Spar is made of carbon tow, making the wing sufficiently rigid and strong.

Tail surfaces

Construction of tail surfaces is very similar to the wing. Fin and stabilizer are made of foam core, milled on CNC and molded with glass cloth in negative molds. Large control surfaces ensure excellent handling of Neon.


Fuselage of Neon is made using some of the best practices in the construction of F3K models. It has no joining parts: nose, tail boom and pylon for stabilizer are molded in one piece. Such fuselage has great reliability together with high overall rigidity. The fuselage is molded of glass and carbon with usage of high pressure.

Absence of joints increases the reliability of the fuselage and completely eliminates the possibility of separating a certain part of the fuselage due to poor gluing. This is a very frequent problem for inexperienced pilots and hobbyists.

In addition to the reliability the fuselage is very convenient for RC gear installation. RC compartment of the fuselage is so large that it can fit any 9g servos, pretty large receiver and batteries of AAA size.

When installing the stabilizer, one needs to make a groove in the backside of pylon for elevator horn, and glue horn exactly on symmetry axis of fuselage. Thus horn moves inside the pylon and does not produce additional drag.

Kit contents:
  • Wing
  • Stabilizer
  • Fin
  • Fuselage
  • Preformed control horn blanks
  • Wing and stabilizer attachment bolts
  • Servo tray
  • Throwing peg

Building manual (in Russian only for now): Neon manual in Russian
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