IHLGF - 2004, Poway, CA
IHLGF 2004
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  • Jan Kansky
  • Phil Barnes
  • Joe Wurts

  • Another great HLG festival is over. High skill level, strong pilots, good conditions - everything you expect from a good contest. The attendance was down a bit compared to the previous year, but all the strong pilots were there, so the competition level was as high as ever. The contest was run exceptionally well, as usual. No delays, everything worked like a clockwork. Everybody knew what was going on at any time.

    The weather was as perfect as it ever gets in Poway. Very light fog in the morning which burns off even before the first round starts. Then comes lots of sun, light morning lift which becomes strong by the lunch time. Then comes the afternoon wind and flying becomes a bit more difficult. This year the wind was not as strong as usual, but it was enough for me to make several mistakes and land out.

    I did not fly my best this year. Several stupid mistakes and some bad luck (a midair collision destroyed my plane) left me with 3 low scores instead of just one throw-out score. By the last round on Sunday after having a midair in round 9, I dropped from being 2nd to the 8th place and only about 20-30 points separated the pilots "on the bubble" of making it into the fly-offs. I then proceeded to have another bad round and ended up being 11th - about 100 points away from making it into the finals. Oh well. There is always next year.

    Please check out the photo gallery where I have a few shots that I managed to take during the contest. I also posted 2 great reports from Jan Kansky and Phil Barnes, the champ. Be sure to check out all the photos as the ones on the last page show the great custom trophies that were handed out to all the winners

    There were pretty much no changes in the DLG development this year. Everybody was flying pretty much the same models as last year, with small modifications and improvements. As I said earlier, it was all about flying the best you can, not about what you were flying.