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Tail close-up view. The stab on my competition
model is detachable as I mentioned already.
The kit has a permanently glued stab, but is
easy to modify and make it detachable if needed.

View from the left on the tail. Notice the pushrod exit
from the boom. The control horn in the kit is spectra-carbon
type, not the fancy plastic horn that is shown here.

View from the top on the wing center and the
nose pod. Two carbon dowels and one
nylon bolt used for wing attachment.

Nose pod with canopy open. 2 HS-55 servos and Hitec
Super-Slim receiver visible. Notice the front bulkhead
and the carbon wing attachment dowels. Lead shot used
for the nose weight (about 0.3oz was needed for
this plane). If the tail is done standard (not
detachable) no nose weight should be needed.

View from the bottom. Servos glued with epoxy and
microballoon mixture (white stuff visible through the
fuselage). Generous amount of carbon in the fuselage
sides to take the side loads during the launch both from
the tailboom and from the nose.
Another view of the tail. Note the attachment nylon
bolts and the plywood reinforcement on the stab.