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"Validol" is the next best medicine for both experienced and novice hand launch pilots. Starting with a state of the art design, efficient airfoils and wing planform, and finishing with the stiff airframe, best composite materials and techniques, this F3K model will provide you with hours of enjoyment, whether you are a hard core competition pilot, or just a weekend flyer. The wing and tail surfaces are made with CNC machined foam core, molded in precision CNC machined aluminum molds. This provides the best airfoil accuracy of a molded model, along with the resilience and repairbility of a foam core bagged model. The fuselage is made of carbon fiber, with a 2.4G friendly nose and a fiberglass canopy. The wing is mounted on a small pylon for ultimate aerodynamic performance coming from clean airflow over the wing. The tail surfaces have a generous area and guarantee the maximum launch height and outstanding stability in flight. Our tests show that Validol launches on average about 10 ft (3m) higher than Stobel V3, which is one of the highest launching models on the market. The model is designed for pilots of any level - from beginners to advanced pilots. Validol is being actively flown by pilots in Russia, Europe, and the USA with positive feedback.

Kit contents:
  • Wing
  • Stabilizer
  • Fin
  • Fuselage
  • Control horns
  • Wing and stabilizer screws
  • Tail mount
  • Throwing peg
Recommended CG location:
  • First flights - 75-78mm from the leading edge
  • Most aft - 82-85mm from the leading edge
Recommended control deflections:
  • Ailerons - 12mm up and down
  • Elevator - 8mm up and down
  • Rudder - 8mm left and right
  • Launch camber - ailerons neutral (0mm)
  • Speed camber - ailerons neutral (0mm)
  • Cruise camber - ailerons down 2-3mm
  • Thermal camber - ailerons down 4-5mm
  • Landing breaks - ailerons down 25-35mm

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