Making detachable pushrod ends

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IHLGF 2002
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To make this detachable pushrod end you will need to prepare an L-shaped piece of soft steel wire (paper clip wire works very well for this), and a small piece of heat shrink tubing. From the tools/supplies you will need to use CA glue, X-acto knife, wire cutters, and soldering iron for shrinking the tubing.
Insert the wire piece into the control horn. Slide the piece of heat shrink tubing over the carbon rod. Do not cut the carbon rod at this point, let it go beyond the control horn.
Apply a drop of CA glue to the wire and carbon rod at the end of the wire bracket. Slide the heat shrink tubing over the joint so that it is positioned right at the end of the wire bracket. Use a hot soldering iron and shrink the tubing while the CA glue is still fresh. Beware of the CA fumes when applying the heat.
Cut the excess length of the carbon rod about 4-5mm past the control horn. You should have a very clean and functional pushrod end. The length of the wire bracket must be sufficient to provide enough flex of the "keeper" for disassembling the connector (about 25mm works well for the 0.030" diameter carbon rod used on Taboo XL).