Taboo M - Ordering
  • Taboo M carbon skinned wing $499
  • Servos installed in the wing, top-drive, either Tahmazo TS-D6011 or Airtronics 94802, depending on availability $199
  • Servos installed in the wing, top-drive, MKS DS65K servos $249
  • Carbon or steel pushrods, set of 2 rods and matching teflon tubing $15
  • Pushrod installation in the fuselage, labor only $35
  • Micro switch-jack complete, assembled $30 (pic-1, pic-2)
  • Micro switch-jack parts only $10
  • Ballast sticks, 1oz - $10, 2oz - $15, 3oz - $15, all three - $35
  • Shipping within the USA $60
To get on the waiting list for Taboo M please fill out the form below and click "Submit" button at the bottom. When we receive the next shipment of models we will contact you and ask to forward the payment at that time. The payment can be done either by a check (to Oleg Golovidov, 2505 Laurel Falls Ln, Raleigh, NC 27603) or via PayPal "family" transfer (to avoid the 3% fee).

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